Viper - The Mad Chemist

Viper - The Mad Chemist


Viper is a mad chemist Controller, specializing in using her deadly poison to cover sites and aid her team, being one of the few agents able to hold multiple sites at once. She was one of the original 10 Valorant agents, unlocked through completing the Viper Contract.

Snake Bite

Her first ability is Snake Site, which allows her to shoot lingering deadly poison which gives a decay effect to those who step in it. It also applies Vulnerable to those within the chemical zone, doubling any damage they take, lasting 2 seconds when they leave the chemical pool. Agents within it will be slowed, similar to Sage’s slow orb. This is quite useful for holding spike by shooting a snake bite onto it, as enemies will have a hard time defusing it whilst drenched in poison.

Viper's Snake Bite

Poison Cloud

Viper’s second ability is her poison clouds. She throws a grenade onto the ground, which can be picked up to be reused, or activated to emit a poison cloud. Agents within the cloud will have a hard time seeing, and experience the decay effect. The gas lasts until it is either deactivated or Viper runs out of fuel. That’s right. Unlike other agents, Viper as a unique toxin meter, showing how much toxins or fuel she has left. Some of her abilities drain fuel from this meter, and when its empty those abilities can’t be used.

Viper's Poison Cloud

Toxic Screen

Her signature ability is toxin screen, which fires a long line of toxic gas emitters, which can be activated and deactivated similar to her poison clouds. While activated, a poisonous wall is created obscuring vision and dealing decay damage to those within it. This is Viper’s main way of being able to hold down multiple sites, sending a wall through them.

Viper's Toxic Screen

Viper's Pit

Viper’s Ultimate is Viper’s Pit. After gaining 7 ult points, she can create a large cloud of toxic gas, like a larger poison cloud. Agents cannot see through it, though Viper will be able to see where her enemies are within the pit. Those within it will have reduced vision as well as decay damage, making it easy to finish them off. Unlike her poison clouds though, Viper’s Ultimate doesn’t rely on her toxin meter, staying up as long as she is within the pit, or returns to fuel it every 15 seconds. This helps make Viper one of the best spike planters in the game, as she can easily hold down the site with the enemies in her domain.

Viper's Pit (Ultimate)