Minecraft 1.17 snapshot

Minecraft 1.17 snapshot


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The newest snapshot for the next large Minecraft update, 1.17’s Caves and Cliffs, has just come out a few days ago. Let’s dive into a deeper understanding of what this snapshot has brought us. I'm also providing a video of my snapshot review at the end of this article.


One of the new features of the Caves and Cliffs snapshot is Geodes. They can spawn anywhere in the Overworld’s underground(below y=63; more commonly found below y=40), but are very rare to find.

Found in these geodes are mainly amethyst blocks and clusters. The geode is made up of amethyst blocks, as well as budding amethysts which grow amethyst clusters. Mining these clusters can give you shards, which you can use for crafting spyglasses and tinted glass, which I will discuss later in this article.

The clusters have four stages of growth: small amethyst bud, medium amethyst bud, large amethyst bud, and amethyst cluster. In the snapshot, only the clusters and blocks can be mined in their state, with any pickaxe that is iron and above. Clusters need silk touch to be mined as clusters, otherwise they drop shards. Clusters also produce a light level of 5, so they can be used as a light source

Currently, the buds and budding amethyst blocks can’t be mined as their respective forms, and instead drop shards. When you place or walk over an amethyst block, it produces this satisfying tingling noise. On the outer edges of geodes have calcite and tuff scattered around. Both of these are mainly decoration blocks, where calcite is white and tuff is black, and both can be mined with any pickaxe.


The newest ore added to the Overworld since Minecraft 1.2, and that was a long time ago. Copper generates in small veins, with similar rarity and spawn levels as iron, but is only a placeholder for now.

Mining copper with a stone pickaxe or above gives you copper ore, which can be smelted into a copper ingot. The copper block can weather/oxidize, moving to the next stage every 50-82 in game days. The three stages of weathering are lightly weathered, semi-weathered, and weathered.

Combining a copper block of any stage with honeycomb will create a waxed copper block of the respective stage, and do this if you would like to keep the coloring of the copper block for decoration. Only the original, non-waxed, copper block can revert back to ingots, so remember this when leaving copper bocks around. Every variant of copper block can be crafted into cut copper block, which can further be crafted into slabs and stairs, purely for decoration. The copper ingot can also be used to craft the lightning rod and spyglass.


Finally, we can properly wish our friends Happy Birthday in Minecraft. By far, the best thing in this update: candles. Crafted with honeycomb and string, with 16 different colors, candles can be lit for a light level of 3 each. Up to four can be placed on a block, similar to sea pickles, as long as they are the same color, for a maximum light level of 12. You can place one on an uneaten cake, and sing Happy Birthday to your friends.

Lightning Rod

The newest redstone device, crafted with three copper ingots, and lightning strikes within a 16 block radius get redirected to it. It gives off a redstone signal with a level of 15 once hit. While a channeling trident can activate the lighting rod, it won’t produce a redstone signal.

Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass is the only type of glass that you don’t need Silk Touch to mine. It has a black tint to it, and is crafted with 4 amethyst shards and glass.

It also doesn’t let light through, so use it for builds with a darker theme to them.


Craft a spyglass with 2 copper ingot and an amethyst shard in order to become a pirate. It allows you to zoom in to far away areas, in order to scout out the location around you. Argh Matey!


Using 2 string and 6 rabbit hide can craft you an item that is pretty useful for storage. Bundles can hold 64 of any item, even if they aren’t the same, such as 32 Jungle Logs and 15 cobblestone would fit in one bundle.

You can even put bundles with other items in bundles. BUNDLECEPTION. The items in the bundle you put in the other bundle still count towards the main bundle’s storage limit, so beware of that. Items that stack in stacks of 16 take up 4 slots instead of just one, such as ender pearls and snowballs. A non-stackable item takes up the whole bundle.

Changes in Minecraft 1.1.7

Along with new items, came new changes, which are as follows:

1. You can now put lava in cauldrons, which give off a redstone signal strength of

2. Grass paths can now be made on top of dirt, coarse dirt, mycelium, and podzol.

3. Pistons produce particles when breaking blocks, and can break amethyst buds.

4. All rails are now waterlogged, meaning they can be placed under water, and are no longer broken by water.

5. Shulker boxes now mimic the opening and closing of a Shulker, and the boxes no longer elevate the player whilst standing on them.

6. Simple, one gunpowder, firework rockets can now be crafted via the recipe book.

7. If a Shulker is hit by another Shulker’s projectile there is a chance to spawn a new Shulker, a chance which increases the fewer Shulker’s there are around them.

8. Experience no longer follow dead players and can merge in large quantities to decrease lag.

9. Minecarts can move in water, but move slower than they do on land.

These are the main updates in the new 1.17 Snapshot, and if you would like an in game overview of some of these items, please click the video down below.