How to Speedrun Minecraft 1.16
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How to Speedrun Minecraft 1.16


Speedrunning is a common part of any gaming community, especially Minecraft. There are a few things you need to do whilst speedrunning this game.

The Overworld  

When first loading up your world, you want to find a village in either a desert, plains, or acacia biome, as they always have hay bales which can be made into bread for food. You should also try to get 3 blocks (of any kind) and a sword/axe.

Then punch/attack the iron golem, and quickly tower and start hitting it. If you tower more than three blocks you can’t hit it if you tower less it can hit you. The golem will drop 3-5 iron ingots. You need at least 4 for a bucket and flint and steel, so if you only get three hope there’s an extra iron in the blacksmith’s chests. Make sure to grab all the beds in the village as well.

The Nether

Next step is to get to the nether. Look for a lava pool, and then use your water bucket and blocks to create a portal. See the video below on how to do so.

Once in the nether, look around for a fortress. When finding one, look for a blaze spawner. They spawn on platforms surrounded by fences with a small staircase leading up to them. Get at least 7 blaze rods, then look for a crimson forest or a bastion.

On your way mine the nether gold ore, and turn them into ingots. Capture or trap a few piglins, then start trading with them. They have a chance to give you ender pearls, so trade until you get at least 12. Then return to the Overworld.

The End

Your nether portal should be near your spawn (hopefully unless you wasted a lot of time looking for one) so through one eye of ender and catch it if it doesn’t break. Run in that direction for at least 2000 blocks before throwing another, as a stronghold is at least 2000 blocks from spawn. After this, throw another one to narrow down to location of the portal. Keep throwing eyes until you find the portal, and once you place all the eyes hop in.

You don’t necessarily need to destroy all of the end crystals, if you use the bed strategy. Since beds explode when right clicked in the end (and nether) you can use these explosions to deal damage to the dragon. Place a bed near the center portal with a block next to it to try to minimize the damage you receive, and when the dragon flies to the middle right click it. Keep doing it until its dead, and as its disintegrating stand in the soon-to-be-lit portal.

Congratulations! You have just beat the game in record time! (Probably not, but hey, we can hope.)