How to build an iron farm in Minecraft
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How to build an iron farm in Minecraft


Iron, a resource that everyone has when playing through Vanilla Minecraft. It provides a good set of tools that aren’t too expensive, as well as good armor. It has other uses in shears as well. But iron isn’t always the easiest to obtain, cause whilst mining for it, you also lose materials in the form of pickaxes, and possibly dying in lava. With this iron farm, you won’t be the one ending up in lava.

How it works

The way this iron farm works is you make a makeshift ‘village’ via the use of beds and villagers, and you have a zombie in sight of the villagers, but unable to hurt them. The villagers get scared of the zombie but can’t get away as they’re in an enclosed space, hopefully they’re not claustrophobic!

The scared villagers decide to summon an iron golem to protect them, but the whole area should be slabbed so the golem has nowhere to spawn, except in an area next to the village.

The only place for the golem to spawn should be in a water flow next to the village, but the golems are then pushed towards lava by the water and are burned up by the lava. Hoppers underneath suck up the items and deposit them in a chest, and signs separate the lava from the hoppers. Note that this farm is better for underground, but does work aboveground as long as the entire area is slabbed.

Steps to build an iron farm in Minecraft

1. First, build an enclosure like space to keep the villagers in. Furnish it with some beds, and to deliver the villagers there I would recommend a railway system with a mine cart, or a boat. To breed the villagers place composters down so the villagers become farmers, and give them carrots so that they will sometimes breed. Cats may also spawn in the area, so keep them under control. Remember to slab the whole area!

2. Place a zombie in view of the villagers but make sure it can’t touch the villagers. An example is enclosing it and putting a fence in front of it. Nametag the zombie do it doesn’t despawn.

3. Now that your ‘village’ is ready, find a space nearby with at least five blocks off of the ground and create an 8 block wide area with as many columns as you want. Make sure it has a back to it or your water will spill everywhere.

4. Next, place your water against each block on the back wall of your chamber, so that it creates a flow towards the front.

5. Enclose the land in front of the water stream. The size doesn’t matter as long as it’s five blocks high. Place a double chest at the very front of the build, or somewhere easy to access. Connect hoppers to it and then fill the rest of the area with hoppers. Make sure all can link back to the chest, no matter how many hoppers are in between. To link hoppers face the hopper you want the items to go to, then crouch and place. Same goes for the hopper to the chest.

6. On top of the hoppers, start from the wall and place signs all the way on top of the hoppers. After the first one on the wall, crouch and place the sign so that it is above the hoppers, not just on the walls. This prevents the lava from droppings and destroying the items.

7. Finally, place lava on top of the signs to kill the golems. Make sure there’s no gaps!

And voila! You’re done. You have just created an automatic iron farm. Keep in mind the farm won’t start working until after one day-night cycle, so good luck as you achieve all of your iron dreams!