How to record a gameplay on Mac
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How to record a gameplay on Mac


For game recording you could go either fancy with expensive software or start with free or less expensive software. The scope of this article is limited to using free software or less expensive software for macOS (Mac operating system).

I happen to use two applications to record my gameplay:

  1. QuickTime player that comes for free on Mac, which I use to record my gameplay when playing on my Mac machine.
  2. I use Elgato software when I play on my gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch and PC.

In this article I will walk you through my set up for gameplay capture on Mac and a gaming console.

Quicktime player to record a PC gameplay

So what do we need? We need the following basic things:

  1. Screen recorder: Mac operating system comes with an application called QuickTime player which can be used for recording audio and video.
  2. Audio recorder
  3. Video editing application: Mac operating system comes with an application called iMovie for editing or creating movies or video files.
  4. Microphone: A standalone mic for a better audio recording.
  5. Face camera: I’m not including my face recording but if you prefer to include your FaceCam along with game play, then you need a good webcam too.

Steps for recording the gameplay

  1. Before you begin recording, set up your PC game’s screen to a reasonable size.
  2. Then open up QuickTime player and select the audio recording, but don’t start it yet.
  3. Make sure your mic is reasonably close to you for capturing the audio while you speak through the gameplay.
  4. Open up the screen recording and start it. Select the screen area of your game that you want to be recorded.
  5. Next, click record in QuickTime player on the screen recording and the audio recording, then begin your game play along with your commentary.
  6. Once you are done with game play, stop the recorder for video and audio.

Creating a video file

If you notice, there will be two files - one for video and one for audio. So, how do we combine them? This is where we use iMovie application.

1. Open iMovie application.

2. Create a project.

3. Drag and drop video and then the audio file.

4. Make sure the files aligned to each other correctly as shown below.

5. Play them together and check if the audio syncs fine with the video

6. Next, click on share icon and select if you want to save this recording to your local machine or directly upload to YouTube or any other platforms available to share in iMovie.

If you are new to game play capture or trying out things on Mac, hope this guide helped you. Have fun with your game capture!