How to Build an Automatic Hoglin Farm
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How to Build an Automatic Hoglin Farm


Food is an essential part of Minecraft, but you can never seem to get enough of it. This automatic Hoglin Farm will provide you with ample amounts of cooked porkchops—a good source of food— and a fair bit of leather to to make books, item frames, and more!

Note: This farm must be built above bedrock which can be accessed using ender pearls and throwing them through the bedrock blocks. This farm must also be built in a crimson forest biome.

1. Place down 30 chests with 2 double chests per row and layer them 5 per row with 6 layers.

2. Place hoppers connecting all the chests from the back and link them to two hoppers placed above the chests, which should be linked to hoppers underneath the soul sand.

3. Place a 5 by 5 platform of soul sand and encase it with a 3 layer wall of glass.

4. Build an 11 by 11 platform of netherack and line it with dirt every 4 blocks starting at the corner to place warper fungus on the outer rim. Carve out a 5 by 5 area in the middle of the netherack platform and put a trapdoor on the center of each edge place torches in a line in front of the dirt/fungus facing east as seen in the picture below.

5. Build a 3 block tall pillar in the center of the hole and encase it in closed trapdoors.

6. Encase the layer with glass and light the soul sand on fire and you are done.

Farm Mechanics

The Hoglins spawn on the netherack platforms as they have no other place to spawn. They are scared of the warped fungus and run towards the center, falling and burning in the soul fire, which kills quicker than normal fire. Mobs don't detect if a trapdoor is open or not, so they run and fall through trapdoors.

The torches make sure no other mobs spawn. Zombified Piglins occasionally spawn but since they can't burn they eventually just despawn. The farm is more efficient if only one player is in the nether, as mobs only spawn in loaded chunks. The more loaded chunks the more spread out the spawn rate is.

And that's how you build an automatic Hoglin Farm. I hope you guys found this tutorial useful!