How to Beat Your Friends in Among Us
Among Us

How to Beat Your Friends in Among Us


This is a continuation of my previous post on Among Us tips and tricks. The more I play the more tips I’m wanting to share and so this article for you guys.

  1. If you want to hide a body you can call an emergency meeting, which clears all the bodies, and make up an excuse such as, “I was on vitals and saw a body,”(Polus) or “Black was acting sus.”

2.  When doing tasks, certain tasks are common for imposters to fake such as fuel engines, download, and divert power, as they are two part tasks. As a crewmate, there are certain tasks which you can tell are being faked, such as the download/upload. On The Skeld, there is a fake task in reactor which is part two of accept diverted power, so if you see someone trying to do that task, you know they are faking as it doesn’t exist.

3.  Visual tasks are a good way to let cremates know you’re innocent, but only a few tasks are visual: Shoot Asteroids, Submit Scan, and the second part of Empty Chute/Garbage. These tasks perform a visual animation somewhere near the task(firing lazars, green holographic ring, chute opening and trash falling out) indicating the task has been performed and imposters can’t fake tasks. Most lobbies play with visual tasks off, but if two people have Submit Scan, they can still clear each other as when one person is scanning, the other can press use on the scanner and cue in line to see a message saying “Waiting for <insert name>,” proving whoever is on the scanner is innocent and the first person can cancel their scan to check the other person.

4.  When sabotaging, make sure you don’t stop moving because if another player sees you, then it looks suspicious since you stopped and then a sabotage occurred. Alternatively, if you are in a game with one imposter an a someone is standing in range of security cameras, door logs, any vent, the admin table, or vitals and a sabotage occurs, you know for sure they aren’t the imposter as the security/admin/door logs/vitals/vent buttons all replace the sabotage button.

5.  When watching the admin table and you see a head quickly blink, that means that they have just died. You can use this to find bodies or call out self reports.

6.  In navigation when performing the stabilize steering task, instead of dragging the crosshair to the middle, you can just tap the middle of the screen instead and it aligns it for you.

7.  When standing against the walls in certain rooms, you can see vents open in neighboring rooms. You can use this to find people who are venting by seeing who is coming from that area. An example is if you are on The Skeld and stand against the right wall of communications, you can see the vent in shields opening and can quickly walk out of communications to see who is in that area.

8.  When in a two vs. one situation or a five vs. two situation as imposter, you only need one more kill so sabotage something before the emergency cool down is up, that way you can camp the button or the sabotage in order to kill someone.