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Among Us Tips and Tricks


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I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of the game Among Us. It’s a murder mystery game where the innocents have to either complete all their tasks or vote off the imposters. The imposters have to kill everyone without getting caught. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that.

Accomplish Tasks Efficiently

1. When heading to the upper engine on The Skeld to do the Aline Engine task, after aligning the knob to the center, quickly tap the knob before closing, and both parts will be completed at once. Be careful when doing this though, as if someone who doesn’t know this trick watches you do the top part and not the lower engine, they might be suspicious of you.

2. In navigation when performing the stabilize steering task, instead of dragging the crosshair to the middle, you can just tap the middle of the screen instead and it aligns it for you.

Get a Head Start

3. When entering into a game, tap the orange/red “Shh” screen to skip it and get into the game quicker. This can help you get a head start on your fellow cremates in terms of tasks, or help your kill cool down get over quicker at the start of the game.

Don’t Get Caught While Killing

4. Want to kill someone? Well, when killing make sure the camera lights near you aren’t blinking red. If they are, then that means someone is watching cameras and is also watching you, so they will see if you kill or vent. Both Polus, and The Skeld have vents near the cameras which you could use to kill whoever is on cams. While Mira HQ doesn’t have cameras, players can check the door logs to see who followed who or if some one didn’t pass a sensor they should’ve, so its good to kill whoever is watching logs as well.

Keep People Away from Finding Bodies

5. On Mira HQ, due to the way the map is set up, you can camp the emergency button to prevent people from getting to it. If you stand in the middle of the fork/Y or closer to the cafeteria side, you can kill anyone who’s coming into cafeteria, or you can camp bodies so no one reports. The only way to get by you would be your fellow imposter venting in or a large group of people coming in.

6. When killing you can call sabotages to lure people away from the bodies. For example on The Skeld, if you kill someone in shields, call reactor so cremates will go to the opposite side of the map. You can also use it if everyone is grouped in an area, and call a sabotage very far away so its less likely for the sabotage to be fixed.

For example if everyone is on Polus in bottom decontamination below admin, call reactor as its on the opposite side of the map, so you might be able to get a sabotage win, or split people up to get a kill win. Be careful when doing this as some players know this trick and will look for the body as reporting it cancels the sabotage.

7. If you want to hide a body you can call an emergency meeting, which clears all the bodies, and make up an excuse such as, “I was on vitals and saw a body,”(Polus) or “Black was acting sus.”